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I was driving my car down the road
When a little bitty bird hit my window
Oh no, Oh no

There was too much traffic behind to stop
SO I had to keep driving to the store where I shop
and the bird kept hanging on

To my wiper blades on my windshield
Having fun, it was no big deal as he sang this song

I am Flying
I am Flying
I am Flying

In the parking lot I got out of my car
To check on the bird I left my door ajar
and he started talking to me

He said "Thank you sir for teaching me to fly, my parents tried but they didn't know why I could not fly. They must have seen you coming and they pushed me from the tree with the big limb hanging over the street, now if ...they could just see me"

I am Flying
I am Flying
I am Flying

I told the baby bird that he had it wrong, that he wasn't flying he was just hanging on, but he wouldn't believe me

I did some shopping then I drove him to his tree
We were almost there when he flapped his wings
and flew in the air

Up to the branch over the street
He yelled out "mom, look at me, I am flying"

I am Flying
I am Flying
I am Flying


from Keep on the Sunny Side, released September 20, 2019


all rights reserved



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