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Cheap and Sunny

by Fast Heart Mart

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running out of fuel-gone stuck on a highway- gone gone stranded nowhere- gone with roadkill pizza - gone gone driving my car will be no more when we all are living poor 'cause civilization shut its door talking to my boss about being on time things I do wrong I wanna take a vacation working this job will be no more when we all are living poor 'cause civilization will be no more watching pop culture getting in a stupor being distracted by the latest fashion watching mtv will be no more when we all are living poor 'cause civilisation shut its door
Chinese restaurant eating fried rice soaking up soy sauce a Zodiac for my placemat gets me wondering I play guitar and sing I'm living my dreams so when the doctor tells me I am dying at least just maybe I can die happy knowing that I have lived passionately bring me a bill a fortune cookie I forget to read my poor wallet can't afford it now I'm washing dishes
I once was married to a lady who I thought was fascinating college major of psychology she was afraid of having a baby she wanted me to get a vasectomy I told her maybe "I'll think in the morning" when she woke up I was gone now I hear she's a lesbian we are happier with our new girlfriends I grew up in a society that has taught me really bad things amongst many let me tell you the one of which I am the taboo my girlfriend is older than me she was 13 when I was a baby now she's in her early 40s I am in my late 20s but I am never happier than when I'm with her she appreciates me and thinks I am funny
I think I should'a stayed home starved to death until I'm just skin and bone 'cause now I have no money spent it all on organic groceries / broccoli my demographic's wrong I'm shoppin' at a grocery store I probably don't belong I always but organic non gmo I'm a hardcore vegan, huh, that's why I'm broke chickens cooped up their feet growing into the cage cows without mothers for veal Parmesan steak pigs with minds smart enough to witness their fates and flesh like a human's all over their face fecal matter flushed into the river where we go get a drink of tap water don't drink from the sink unless it's filtered to make it clean a hardcore vegan can't go out to eat fast food restaurants got nothing' but meat wrapped up in corn and wheat then smothered all over with melted cheese I'm dining at a restaurant I ask "what's in the broth" they want me to get lost I hope they don't spit in my food for all this trouble that I have caused it's un uncomfortable situation so I get up to leave and to pay them for the tap water full of chlorine then I go home and eat my can of rice and beans
In the southwest of the us there is a place where the sky is blue almost everyday and it hardly ever rains don't worry of money it's cheap and sunny coyotes howl, snakes rattle and road runners run nights are cold the days are warm and there's plenty of sun it's cheap and sunny in Albuquerque ancient Egypt on the Nile like the Rio Grande Albuquerque is such a place with isolation
We came in this world together Legs wrapped 'round each other My cheek against my sister's We were born like tangled vine We lived along the river Where the black clouds never lingered The sunlight spread like honey Through my sister's tiny hands But while picking sour apples In the wild waving grasses Sister stumbled in the brier And was bitten by a snake Every creature casts a shadow Under the sun's golden finger But when the sun sinks past the waving grass Some shadows are dragged along Alone, I took to drinking Bottles of cheap whiskey And staggering through the back woods Killing snakes with a sharpened stick But still I heard her laughing In the wild waving grasses Still her tiny hands went splashing At the river's sparkling shore So I took my rusty gas can And an old iron shovel I set the woods to burning And choked the river up with stones Every creature casts a shadow Under the sun's golden finger But when the sun sinks past the waving grass Some shadows are dragged along
Underneath a fruit tree I was eating because my appetite was demanding when a snake slithered down a tree trunk he was laughing he was laughing the last time that this sly snake had eaten was two weeks a rodent in some garden with no molars just two fangs full of poison full of poison winter came as we spoke evolution I asked him when he was almost frozen "Who's laughing now? The mammals or reptiles without the sun?"
Oh No!!! 02:05
rock concert show's over hands in pocket obstinate tight shoulders from nodding we're afraid of moving to the music bad dancing white people look like fools OH NO!!! the lights are on it's time to look at each other worn glasses bandanna I am a nerd I was around town before this band still unknown starved artist John Denver Oh No!!!!
what was I being taught as a kid? I don't know learned to read, learned to write watch tv, sleep at night now I am an adult still don'y know anything completely useless my college days were a joke like high school where you smoke 13th grade grammar school was the same except you paid professors make you jump through their hoops for degrees college dropout one fine day we'll make money and escape from this place I do not want to work at fast food restaurants I do not want to clean old peoples' underwear I do not want to hold up a flag on road crews completely useless
give the rent money to the landlord if I get hungry take me to the store keeping track of time prisoner of my mind I'm trapped in by somebody stronger than me I don't even worry, I'm not competing keeping track of time prisoner of my mind
Newborn 02:38
thanks for leaving us with this mess to clean up now after your death overpopulation and pollution polar bears are drowning ice is melting my life was through when I was newborn so thanks for coming to the party now it's over time to clean cockroaches and evolution maybe one day they'll find a solution but my life was through when I was newborn


CHEAP AND SUNNY was recorded in 2008 at Mutant Mariachi Studios in the South Valley of Albuquerque, New Mexico.


released April 20, 2008

"Fast Heart" Martin sings, plays guitar and harmonica on all tracks.

Roblyn Crawford backing vocals on tracks 1, 4, 5, 7, 9, and drums on tracks 1,-7 and tracks 9, and 11

Tanya F. Nunez on upright and bowed bass on tracks 1-7, and tracks 9-11 and backing vocals on tracks 1,5,9

Murdock O'Mooney plays drums tracks 8 and 10 "Prisner of Mind" and "Oh No!"

Michael Whitten played electric bass on "Chinese Restaurant"

Seth S. Scott played keys on "Laughing Snake."

All the songs on this record written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by "Fast Heart" Martin, except "My Sister's Tiny Hands" which is written by The Handsome Family.


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