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Germany in June

by Fast Heart Mart



“Germany in June” is an album of songs created by Fast Heart Mart to provide German audiences a souvenir of the songs that would be played at his concerts on his first tour through Germany in 2016. So many times after a Fast Heart Mart concert people ask him “Which CD should I buy?” or “Which CD is this particular song on?”. Germany in June is 15 of the strongest and most requested songs of Fast Heart Mart’s current live repertoire.

Fast Heart Mart recorded this album of songs in his kitchen on April 24th 2016 in 3 hours. This album is really bringing it all back home to the beginning of folk music field recordings when the musician would simply play in whatever place was available, be it a proper recording studio, a church or in their living room. No overdubbing. No synthetic reverb of any kind. No more than 3 attempts at capturing any particular song. If the song doesn’t come out good after 3 takes, then perhaps the song does not want to be recorded and the artist moves on to the next.

This album is an intimate glimpse into the artist known as Fast Heart Mart in his current 2016 state, with all his humanness showing for the world to hear. Fast Heart Mart has been performing publicly since 1999 and this is the batch of songs that is currently making up his repertoire. No band is backing him up on this recording as no band will be backing him up on his tour through Germany and Europe in 2016.

Here’s to keeping life real and simple! Go Fast Heart Mart!!!


released May 13, 2016

Fast Heart Mart: guitar, banjo, harmonica, and vocals
recorded, mixed, mastered by Fast Heart Mart
recorded March 24th 2016 in Fast Heart Mart's kitchen
all songs written by Fast Heart Mart except * public domain

Fast Heart Mart would like to thank the Infinite Power for making all that is. His parents Gene and Cherie Stamper for being the best parents a man could ever have. And all his friends and fans for the years and years of support, especially for donating to the Germany 2016 tour. Y'all make it all posse'-ball :)


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Track Name: Shady Grove*
Peaches in the Summer Time
Apples in the fall
If I can't have the girl I love
I don't want none at all

Shady grove, my little love
Shady grove, I say
Shady grove, my little love
I’ll be with you someday

A kiss from little Shady Grove
Is sweeter than brandy wine
There ain’t a girl in this whole world
who’s prettier than mine

When I was a little boy
I wanted a Barlow knife
Now all I want is little Shady Grove
to say she’ll be my wife

I wish I had some banjo string
made of golden twine
Every song I play on it
I wish that girl was mine

Some come here to fiddle and dance
Some come here to tarry
Some come here to fiddle and dance
I come here to marry
Track Name: Hearts and Dreams
People try to tell you
what you gotta do
don't you listen to them
unless you think it's true

follow your heart
and your dreams

I've been alive for a while now
one thing that I know
you gotta listen to your heart if
you're gonna protect your soul

there's a miracle man
in the hospital
couldn't even walk
now he's walking down the hall
Track Name: Lost Soul Search
Virginia to North Carolina
Tennessee Arkansas Oklahoma
Texas New Mexico Arizona
I drove my van all the way to California

I am A lost soul on this long road
Life's a mystery and I'm on a journey
I am hardly known and sometimes I'm lonely
But the universe is providing

It will make sense eventually

All this rambling and all this searching
Will lead me to a place of understanding
When peace I find, it will be all mine
But for now I gotta keep walking
Track Name: Depression Proof
I am just a wanderer
I travel town to town
I need time for dreaming
before I settle down
I've had many jobs
and I've worked very hard
but now it is time
to follow my heart

Beggar or a bum
please dont confuse me
If you think I'm a bum
I dont need your money
I'm just a singer
having some fun
singing my songs and chasing the sun

I see all the people and feel their troubles
I sing them a song and to ease their weary souls
songs can make you happy and enchance your mood
songs can make you happy and depression proof
Track Name: I'm An Alien and I Want To Go Home
I was living in the garden of Eden
eating fruit right off the trees
harmony on my mind
Living a life of ease
God spoke to everyone
over an intercom
The speakers were in the clouds
and we all lived in a wigwam
We could speak back to him
through a microphone
that was hanging from the ceiling
dangling precariously
between a wishbone

One Morning God spoke to us
and made a forecast
"You are all getting too fat
so now you must fast"
Breakfast was skipped
and no one really cared
It was not until supper
that people started getting scared
Stomachs were rumbling
louder than the clouds
we had never gone this long without food
and we thought we would pass out

I went and layed down on a coutch
and started watching the tv
There was some guy on the news digging in the dirt plating pinto beans
He called himself a farmer and he was taking control
Of this situation and he went back to digging his holes

I looked over at my friend
who sat in a recliner
and noticed he was eating
when I asked him what
he said " tv dinner"
Maybe he forgot
so I reminded him
"God said not to eat
until further instructions"
"We dont need God anymore
you simple little man
Now the farmer sells us food
from his Taco Stand"

So I walked down the street
toward the smell of the tacos
I went up to the counter
and ordered 5 bean burritos
tHe kid asked "for here or to go?"
I said that I would stay
he pushed some buttons on the register
and said that'll be $6.50
I had never heard of money before
so I asked him for his boss
he looked at me kind of crazy
and told me to go get lost

I was feeling very weak by now
so I went to that microphone
I wanted to talk to God
and ask if the fast could be postponed
When I spoke I could only hear a faint reply
There was too much noise outside
From the people rushing to work and
from all the cars passing by
So I ran to my nearest lawn
to find a fruit tree
lots of green grass
but not a single thing to eat

I sat down on a sidewalk
with a bottle of liquor
People threw some coins at me
but I had no idea what they were
I had a job mopping floors
that lasted for a day
But I had no watch, was late
and was fired without pay
So that night I slept in a park
underneath the stars
When a flying saucer came down
from the planet Mars
"Hop in buddy, we've been looking for you",
the creature said to me
And just like that at the speed of light
we went to another galaxy
Track Name: Trustafarian
come on everybody listen to my story
about this society and working for a living
working for the company the boss made me angry
and then finally I told it
to shove it
I said "goodbye" to my colleagues
and then they wished me
on my way
out in the parking there were hippies
looking to jump start their volkswagen
hippie vans
I said "that's fine under one condition
you let me tag along in your travels"

after a week of riding through the country wild and care free
I wondered
about income so I asked someone where we got our food from
and our clothes and food and money
they answered
"our dad's trust fun"
those these hippies were independently rich and wealthy
I was not
I rode home
back in the city my stomach was empty
without a degree from the university
lookin' for more

sittin' in the dug out with the other players
then it came
to my brain
if you can't be the you gotta join them
if you can't join them
make your own
grow your own
Track Name: Everything's Alright
Everything’s gonna be alright
Everything’s gonna be just fine
Everything’s gonna be alright

Just Hold on
Just Hold on

If you can just still your mind
Less is wrong than is right
If you can just still your mind

Just hold on
Just hold on

Sometimes you drift in life
It’s hard work just getting by
Sometimes you drift in life

Just hold on
Just hold on
Then Just let go
Track Name: God Dog
good morning 300 take your times
sit on the floor and pet your dog
watch the cartoons and listen to your mom
plan out here day

go through some old mail
as you wait for God to assign you your task
the project is probably not what you think
it's a project into the future
so let go of yesterday
let's go to the big buffet

the most beautiful words
are what do you want to do today
it can be anything just remember to live
I'm here on the sidewalk
walking my dog I'm listening to God
walking with God and listening to my dog
Track Name: Country Blues*
Come all you good time people,
While I have money to spend,
Tomorrow might be Monday
And I’ll neither have a dollar nor a friend.

Last time I seen my little woman, good people,
She had a wine glass in her hand,
She's a drinking down her trouble
With a low-down sorry man.

Oh my mama taught me a-plenty, good people,
My daddy told me more.
Said “son if you don’t quit your drinkin’
I'd have trouble at your door.”

At the bottom of a whisky glass,
The lurking devil dwells.
It’ll heat your breast to drink it, boys;
It'll send your soul to Hell.

If you don't quit your drinkin’ boys
You'll end up just like me;
Working out your days and living
In this penitentiary.

All around this old jailhouse is haunted good people,
Forty dollars won't pay my fine.
Corn whisky has surrounded my body, poor boy,
Pretty women is a-troubling my mind.
Track Name: Carbird
I was driving my car down the road
When a little bitty bird hit my window
Oh no, Oh no

There was too much traffic behind to stop
SO I had to keep driving to the store where I shop
and the bird kept hanging on

To my wiper blades on my windshield
Having fun, it was no big deal as he sang this song

I am Flying
I am Flying
I am Flying

In the parking lot I got out of my car
To check on the bird I left my door ajar
and he started talking to me

He said "Thank you sir for teaching me to fly, my parents tried but they didn't know why I could not fly. They must have seen you coming and they pushed me from the tree with the big limb hanging over the street, now if ...they could just see me"

I am Flying
I am Flying
I am Flying

I told the baby bird that he had it wrong, that he wasn't flying he was just hanging on, but he wouldn't believe me

I did some shopping then I drove him to his tree
We were almost there when he flapped his wings
and flew in the air

Up to the branch over the street
He yelled out "mom, look at me, I am flying"

I am Flying
I am Flying
I am Flying
Track Name: Keep on the Sunny Side*
Keep on the Sunny Side

There's a dark and a troubled side of life
There's a bright and a sunny side too
Though we meet with the darkness and strife
The sunny side we also may view

Keep on the sunny side always on the sunny side
Keep on the sunny side of life
It will help us every day it will brighten all our way
If we keep on the sunny side of life

Oh the storm and its fury broke today
Crushing hopes that we cherish so dear
The clouds and storm will in time pass away
The sun again will shine bright and clear

Keep on the sunny side always on the sunny side
Keep on the sunny side of life
It will help us every day it will brighten all our way
If we keep on the sunny side of life

Let us greet with a song of hope each day
Though the moment be cloudy or fair
Let us trust in our Savior always
To keep us every one in His care

Keep on the sunny side always on the sunny side
Keep on the sunny side of life
It will help us every day it will brighten all our way
If we keep on the sunny side of life
Track Name: Trail of Dead
Please understand
I'd love to be your man
but I've questions
that need answerin'

there's a trail of dead
behind you
will that be me
when you are through

I've been broken hearted
in my life
it's time I play my cards right
while there's still time
gotta play my cards right

you have wisdom in your strength
covered by beauty
when you're around
it's irresistible to me

I've been broken hearted
in my life
it's time I play my cards right
while there's still time
gotta play my cards right

But I have to make sure
before I make this deal
I have to be certain
that all of this is real

I've been broken hearted
in my life
it's time I play my cards right
while there's still time
gotta play my cards right

because I want a love
for eternity
I want a fortress
for well being

lovers or friends
let's take our time
there's no turning back
once we've crossed that line

I've been broken hearted
in my life
it's time I play my cards right
while there's still time
gotta play my cards right
Track Name: Hippie Valentine
One day in February I found a girl so fine
with no doubt I wanted her to be my Valentine
So I went out and bought a box of chocolate candy
I took them to her happily but she was angry

I dont want this box of chocolates that you've brought to me
They are made with Corn syrup and that stuff's unhealthy

I told her I understood and I would make it right
So once more I went to the store later that night
To compensate I bought a dozen roses of red
It was late when I gave them to her and this is what she said

I dont want these pesticide covered flowers
shipped here with fossil fuels and grown with slave labor

I was feelin' so dumb I ran back to my home
When I was there I felt despair and sat all alone
I had no idea pleasing her would be this hard
This time I'd keep it simple and I bought her a card

I dont want this greeting card it's made out of trees
If they all get then we can not breath

I must have been struck by the wrong arrow of that flying cupid
I knew then I had no luck and Valentine's day is stupid
I told the girl that I was sorry that I had bothered her
But then she spoke up happily and gave me this answer

You dont have to spend your money or buy me anything
I just want your company and then she kissed me
Track Name: San Francisco
I guess it's how that saying goes
I left my heart in San Francisco
Now I'm out here on the east coast
walking around like I've seen a ghost
I try to call you on the telephone
You don't answer I feel so alone

I'm still in love with you darlin'
are you still in love with me
I hope we'll be together again
when we're off our hard journey

of self discovery

it's very hard to be so far apart
with only words to convey my heart
we're left standing in the dark
looking for a flame to protect a spark
the universe must be very smart
'cause only you could open my heart

I'm still in love with you darlin'
are you still in love with me
I hope we'll be together again
when we're off our hard journey

of self discovery
Track Name: Well Adjusted Rock Stars Are Boring
I am not a lazy man
But today I did nothin’
Because I wanted to relax
And there is nothing wrong with that
Because I am a human being

I don’t know what’s wrong with me
Sometimes life’s overwhelming
layin’ in bed / thinkin’ too much
neglected things, need to get done
motivation’s gone out the window

The doctor says to take some pills
[be]’cause depression’s making me ill
I believe it’s truth I perceive
the machine’s crazy, it’s not me
sociopaths are running this society

I still love you Axl Rose
[for] being yourself you’re my hero
well adjusted rock stars are boring
I know it may sort of sounds insane
[but] sometimes I feel like Kurt Cobain

Inside I’m still-a teenager
questioning things and being a jerk
people isolated without friends
the world a-round us makes no sense
let’s stop toiling and stop pretending

I am not a lazy man
But today I did nothin’
Because I wanted to relax
And there is nothing wrong with that
Because I am a human being
Track Name: Eternal Soul
soul is
on a
to the
it was

the Beauty
is Providing
and Joy

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