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Depression Proof

by Fast Heart Mart



I have to admit that I was going through a very tough time in my life when I made this album. I was learning to play the banjo. I wrote tons of songs in this period, but only a few were presentable. Tracks 1-4 and tracks are the only new songs I released for the year that this album came out. The rest are remastered rehashes from previous albums. I was in a state of confusion and I doubled vocals a lot...probably out of insecurity. Still, some fans think the version of "San Francisco" here is very well done. I recommend not to buying this whole album. Just single tracks that you may like. Or just listen to them without buying. I released this record before embarking on a cross country tour in 2010 as a sort of "best of Fast Heart Mart" for any new fans who just wanted to buy one album.

[DPV]= Depression Proof Version. Some of these songs appear on other albums as different recordings and versions.

***"Garden of Eden" is also known as "I'm an Alien and I want to Go Home Pt. 2" as heard on the Fast Heart Mart and the Stompers "Awkwrdquan" album.

* "Jawbreaker Sky" [DPV]= this is the same "Jawbreaker Sky" found on the Fast Heart Mart album "Hobos in Limbo", except it has been remastered here.

Carbird** [DPV] = this version of Carbird is the same as the version on the Fast Heart Mart album "Cheap and Sunny", except it has been remastered here.

****Stripper Song [DPV] = this version is the same one as found on the Fast Heart Mart album "The Red Record" except it has been remastered here.

Movie Theater *****[DPV]= this is the same version of "Movie Theatre" found on the previous Fast Heart Mart album "The Red Record". It is remastered here.


released November 11, 2010

All songs written by "Fast Heart" Martin Stamper


all rights reserved



Fast Heart Mart


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Track Name: San Francisco [DPV]
I guess it's how that saying goes
I left my heart in San Francisco
Now I'm out here on the east coast
walking around like I've seen a ghost
I try to call you on the telephone
You don't answer I feel so alone

I'm still in love with you darlin'
are you still in love with me
I hope we'll be together again
when we're off our hard journey

of self discovery

it's very hard to be so far apart
with only words to convey my heart
we're left standing in the dark
looking for a flame to protect a spark
the universe must be very smart
'cause only you could open my heart
Track Name: I am a Bear [DPV]
I am a Bear
I can go anywhere
Steal honey from a swarm of bees
you better respect me

I am a bear
and I am hungry
drink anything to quench my thirst
eat anything that does'nt eat me first

I am a bear
I can sleep anywhere
without a care I am covered in hair
I have nothin' to fear
I am not affraid of anything

I am a bear
I am beautiful
people stop and stare at my marvel
cause I am so powerful
Track Name: Depression Proof [DPV]
I am just a wanderer
I travel town to town
I need time for dreaming
before I settle down
I've had many jobs
and I've worked very hard
but now it is time
to follow my heart

Beggar or a bum
please don't confuse me
If you think I'm a bum
I don't need your money
I'm just a singer
having some fun
singing my songs and chasing the sun

I see all the people and feel their troubles
I sing them a song and to ease their weary souls
songs can make you happy and enhance your mood
songs can make you happy and depression proof
Track Name: I know What the Holiday Really Means [DPV]
Halloween is gone
now it's time for Santa Claus
the winter chill is coming on

some people get depressed
this time of year
but maybe not if they hear this song

I know what the holidays really mean
it's time to spend with your friends and family
people should be friendly all year long
but I know what the holidays really mean

you could celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus
but he wasn't born on Christmas

but everyone's too busy in the spring
so it was moved out of convenience

I know what the holidays really mean
it's time to spend with your friends and family
people should be friendly all year long
but I know what the holidays really mean
Track Name: Garden of Eden***
I was living in the garden of Eden
eating fruit right off the trees
harmony on my mind
Living a life of ease
God spoke to everyone
over an intercom
The speakers were in the clouds
and we all lived in a wigwam
We could speak back to him
through a microphone
that was hanging from the ceiling
dangling precariously
between a wishbone

One Morning God spoke to us
and made a forecast
"You are all getting too fat
so now you must fast"
Breakfast was skipped
and no one really cared
It was not until supper
that people started getting scared
Stomachs were rumbling
louder than the clouds
we had never gone this long without food
and we thought we would pass out

I went and layed down on a coutch
and started watching the tv
There was some guy on the news digging in the dirt plating pinto beans
He called himself a farmer and he was taking control
Of this situation and he went back to digging his holes

I looked over at my friend
who sat in a recliner
and noticed he was eating
when I asked him what
he said " tv dinner"
Maybe he forgot
so I reminded him
"God said not to eat
until further instructions"
"We dont need God anymore
you simple little man
Now the farmer sells us food
from his Taco Stand"

So I walked down the street
toward the smell of the tacos
I went up to the counter
and ordered 5 bean burritos
tHe kid asked "for here or to go?"
I said that I would stay
he pushed some buttons on the register
and said that'll be $6.50
I had never heard of money before
so I asked him for his boss
he looked at me kind of crazy
and told me to go get lost

I was feeling very weak by now
so I went to that microphone
I wanted to talk to God
and ask if the fast could be postponed
When I spoke I could only hear a faint reply
There was too much noise outside
From the people rushing to work and
from all the cars passing by
So I ran to my nearest lawn
to find a fruit tree
lots of green grass
but not a single thing to eat

I sat down on a sidewalk
with a bottle of liquor
People threw some coins at me
but I had no idea what they were
I had a job mopping floors
that lasted for a day
But I had no watch, was late
and was fired without pay
So that night I slept in a park
underneath the stars
When a flying saucer came down
from the planet Mars
"Hop in buddy, we've been looking for you",
the creature said to me
And just like that at the speed of light
we went to another galaxy
Track Name: Jawbreaker Sky * [DPV]
at night the moon
cools down the road
the model t ford
sucks on the glow

in jet black nights
jawbreaker sky
southwestern light
cactus moon pie

desert dwellers
escape the sun
changing colors
on the horizon

I'll be alright
just saying goodbye
Track Name: Carbird** [DPV]
I was driving my car down the road
When a little bitty bird hit my window
Oh no, Oh no

There was too much traffic behind to stop
SO I had to keep driving to the store where I shop
and the bird kept hanging on

To my wiper blades on my windshield
Having fun, it was no big deal as he sang this song

I am Flying
I am Flying
I am Flying

In the parking lot I got out of my car
To check on the bird I left my door ajar
and he started talking to me

He said "Thank you sir for teaching me to fly, my parents tried but they didn't know why I could not fly. They must have seen you coming and they pushed me from the tree with the big limb hanging over the street, now if ...they could just see me"

I told the baby bird that he had it wrong, that he wasn't flying he was just hanging on, but he wouldn't believe me

I did some shopping then I drove him to his tree
We were almost there when he flapped his wings
and flew in the air

Up to the branch over the street
He yelled out "mom, look at me, I am flying"
Track Name: Stripper Song**** [DPV]
I met a stripper
she knows desire
very in tune with
all the things being denied
in our society
of the socially unkind

my heart is broken
I will never love again
I will not cook breakfast
for my next victim

we talk about it
late into the night
everyone's asleep
as she smokes and I drink

my heart is broken
I will never love again
I will not cook breakfast
for my next victim
Track Name: Movie Theater *****[DPV]
my life is so boring
compared to

I get excited
when I'm snoring
and my
life's all good

take me
to a movie
where I can stay
with a popcorn
and a soda
and my

I don't even care
I don't know
I'm not even scared
wherever I go
Track Name: Wishes [DPV]
if I had a Genie in a bottle
what would I wish
money power and women
would be the obvious

If I had a Genie in a bottle
I know what I'd wish
eternal bliss


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