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by Fast Heart Mart

Oprah * [AV] 04:26
Can you believe Hummingbirds migrating for the winter? Can You Believe We were once babies in our mothers' womb before this world? Can you believe our society with plenty to eat and technology? Still there's broken hearts everywhere I am just lying here staring at space and shedding tears For the broken Hearts everywhere Can you believe ramifications of social networking on the internet? Can you believe universities full of people but where do we learn love? Can you believe Oprah Winfrey Going off the air after 25 years? And there's broken hearts everywhere I am just lying here Thinking about them and shedding tears For the broken Hearts everywhere And those broken hearts everywhere Why cant they all just find a mate Like those birds in the air No broken hearts anywhere
Carbird [AV] 04:02
I was driving my car down the road When a little bitty bird hit my window Oh no, Oh no There was too much traffic behind to stop SO I had to keep driving to the store where I shop and the bird kept hanging on To my wiper blades on my windshield Having fun, it was no big deal as he sang this song I am Flying I am Flying I am Flying In the parking lot I got out of my car To check on the bird I left my door ajar and he started talking to me He said "Thank you sir for teaching me to fly, my parents tried but they didn't know why I could not fly. They must have seen you coming and they pushed me from the tree with the big limb hanging over the street, now if ...they could just see me" I told the baby bird that he had it wrong, that he wasn't flying he was just hanging on, but he wouldn't believe me I did some shopping then I drove him to his tree We were almost there when he flapped his wings and flew in the air Up to the branch over the street He yelled out "mom, look at me, I am flying"
Not Gold Well my name is not Gold And I dont know where I go And I dont know where I'm from My name is not gold But I'm blowing in the breeze My van's in need of repair If I'm ever going to get there (where) Because the West is (truly)the best My van's in need of repair But I'm blowing in the breeze Ill be butterfly very soon Now I 'm in a cacoon while shedding all of these blues Ill be butterfly very soon I traveled alone you cant scare me cant take this modern life too seriously Apathy is my worst enemy
I work everyday to pay this credit card I work everyday to pat some rich man's greed what does that leave me? I have no money I have no property these clothes that I wear this guitar that I play I guess that's all I'll need It occurs to me when I stop to think the happiest souls among us today are those who own nothing so I will quit this job I will go on the run I'll wander this world until I'm in the clear I will see you in 7 years
I am just a wanderer I travel town to town I need time for dreaming before I settle down I've had many jobs and I've worked very hard but now it is time to follow my heart Beggar or a bum please dont confuse me If you think I'm a bum I dont need your money I'm just a singer having some fun singing my songs and chasing the sun I see all the people and feel their troubles I sing them a song and to ease their weary souls songs can make you happy and enchance your mood songs can make you happy and depression proof
I guess it's how that saying goes I left my heart in San Francisco Now I'm out here on the east coast walking around like I've seen a ghost I try to call you on the telephone You don't answer I feel so alone I'm still in love with you darlin' are you still in love with me I hope we'll be together again when we're off our hard journey of self discovery it's very hard to be so far apart with only words to convey my heart we're left standing in the dark looking for a flame to protect a spark the universe must be very smart 'cause only you could open my heart
People try to tell you what you gotta do don't you listen to them unless you think it's true follow your heart and your dreams I've been alive for a while now one thing that I know you gotta listen to your heart if you're gonna protect your soul there's a miracle man in the hospital couldn't even walk now he's walking down the hall
I know today is a passing day I'll feel better tomorrow I'll understand all my rambling ways I'll feel better tomorrow tomorrow things are bound to change tomorrow I won't feel so strange
I am a Bear I can go anywhere Steal honey from a swarm of bees you better respect me I am a bear and I am hungry drink anything to quench my thirst eat anything that does'nt eat me first I am a bear I can sleep anywhere without a care I am covered in hair I have nothin' to fear I am not affraid of anything I am a bear I am beautiful people stop and stare at my marvel cause I am so powerful
One day in February I found a girl so fine with no doubt I wanted her to be my Valentine So I went out and bought a box of chocolate candy I took them to her happily but she was angry I dont want this box of chocolates that you've brought to me They are made with Corn syrup and that stuff's unhealthy I told her I understood and I would make it right So once more I went to the store later that night To compensate I bought a dozen roses of red It was late when I gave them to her and this is what she said I dont want these pesticide covered flowers shipped here with fossil fuels and grown with slave labor I was feelin' so dumb I ran back to my home When I was there I felt despair and sat all alone I had no idea pleasing her would be this hard This time I'd keep it simple and I bought her a card I dont want this greeting card it's made out of trees If they all get then we can not breath I must have been struck by the wrong arrow of that flying cupid I knew then I had no luck and Valentine's day is stupid I told the girl that I was sorry that I had bothered her But then she spoke up happily and gave me this answer You dont have to spend your money or buy me anything I just want your company and then she kissed me
There's a rabbit in a log and I ain't got my dog how will I get him out I'll get me a briar and twist it in his hair that will get him out I know I'm going down the track with a chicken on my back my shoes are nearly gone but up on ahead there's an old farmer's shed that's where I'll rest my weary bones
Old Ruben built a train and put it on a track running to the Lord knows where singing oh me and oh my running to the Lord knows where I've been to the east and I've been to the west I'm going where these chilly winds don't blow singing oh me, oh my going where these chilly winds don't blow If this train's running right, I'll see you tomorrow night running to the Lord knows where singing oh me, oh my running to the Lord knows where You oughta been up town, seen that train go down hear the whistle blow a hundred miles oh me, oh my hear the whistle blow a hundred miles
A-Z [AV] 03:49
there are things in this life that don't make sense to me like why is a "w" not just called double v but oh no, seriously we've got everything why can't we just be happy eternally I see a man today he's at the walmart buying plants I can tell by the way he stands and the robes that he wears that he's of the Buddhist nature I want to ask him "hey man, what do you know about Zen?" but before I can ask he's off to the Monastery in a cadillac then I see another man he asks "do you know Jesus Christ" I say 'no, but I'd like to try" he says "that's good he's the only way" and I say "ok, Let me get Baptized today we can do it in the Rio Grande you can give me as much love as you can" now I'm talking to a Harikrishna about a bodhisattva and Yoda the little green Buddha oh no seriously we all need to go tell the Deities we're all down here suffering
at night the moon cools down the road the model t ford sucks on the glow in jet black nights jawbreaker sky southwestern light cactus moon pie desert dwellers escape the sun changing colors on the horizon I'll be alright just saying goodbye
I was living in the garden of Eden eating fruit right off the trees harmony on my mind Living a life of ease God spoke to everyone over an intercom The speakers were in the clouds and we all lived in a wigwam We could speak back to him through a microphone that was hanging from the ceiling dangling precariously between a wishbone One Morning God spoke to us and made a forecast "You are all getting too fat so now you must fast" Breakfast was skipped and no one really cared It was not until supper that people started getting scared Stomachs were rumbling louder than the clouds we had never gone this long without food and we thought we would pass out I went and layed down on a coutch and started watching the tv There was some guy on the news digging in the dirt plating pinto beans He called himself a farmer and he was taking control Of this situation and he went back to digging his holes I looked over at my friend who sat in a recliner and noticed he was eating when I asked him what he said " tv dinner" Maybe he forgot so I reminded him "God said not to eat until further instructions" "We dont need God anymore you simple little man Now the farmer sells us food from his Taco Stand" So I walked down the street toward the smell of the tacos I went up to the counter and ordered 5 bean burritos tHe kid asked "for here or to go?" I said that I would stay he pushed some buttons on the register and said that'll be $6.50 I had never heard of money before so I asked him for his boss he looked at me kind of crazy and told me to go get lost I was feeling very weak by now so I went to that microphone I wanted to talk to God and ask if the fast could be postponed When I spoke I could only hear a faint reply There was too much noise outside From the people rushing to work and from all the cars passing by So I ran to my nearest lawn to find a fruit tree lots of green grass but not a single thing to eat I sat down on a sidewalk with a bottle of liquor People threw some coins at me but I had no idea what they were I had a job mopping floors that lasted for a day But I had no watch, was late and was fired without pay So that night I slept in a park underneath the stars When a flying saucer came down from the planet Mars "Hop in buddy, we've been looking for you", the creature said to me And just like that at the speed of light we went to another galaxy


Released November 2011

[AZ] = Awkwrdquan Version. Some of these songs were released on other albums and rerecorded for this album.

* previously unreleased song

Back in 2010 I decided to put my guitar down for a while and take up the banjo. This album is what came about when I moved back to Virginia and started a string band of musicians called "The Stompers". My nephew Travis Ferrell started singing and playing guitar with me. Then his friend Davey Hall started singing and playing mandolin with us. Then I met a fellow skateboarder named Daniel Rastatter at the local skatepark and he plays bass. The Stompers play almost exclusively at farmers' markets around Northern Virginia, but we also play a lot in town called Occoquan, Virginia. It's a cute little town and things are known to get a bit awkward there from time to time. Therefore "Awkwrdquan". Furthermore, there are four folk-rock songs at the end with me on guitar along with Daniel Rastatter on bass and his girlfriend Erin Norton on drums.


released November 23, 2011

"Fast Heart" Martin: Sing, banjo (tracks 1-12), guitar (tracks 13-16)
Travis Ferrell: Sing, guitar (tracks 1-12)
Daniel Rastatter: Sing, bass (all tracks)
David Hall: Sing and mandolin (tracks 1-12)
Liz Davies: Sing (tracks 1-12)
Erin Norton: drums (tracks 13-16)

Tracks 1-12: recorded at Stairway West
in Manassas Virginia By Pat Schnider 9/24/2011
thanks Pat :-)

Tracks 13-16 recorded at Martin's parents' house
thanks mom and dad :-)
All tracks mixed and mastered by Martin Stamper

Cover art by Daniel Rastatter: djrastatter@hotmail.com

Thanks to everyone in the world who has ever danced to music, threw money in a musician's tip jar or just smiled at a musician!!!

All songs written by "Fast Heart" Martin
except songs 11 and 12 which
are public domain


all rights reserved



Fast Heart Mart


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