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The Movie Theater

by Fast Heart Mart



This album was recorded in two sessions at Mike "Hell" Whitten's studio "Casual Sounds" in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

[MTV] = The Movie Theater Version. SOme of these songs appear on other albums as different versions etc..


released December 3, 2003

"Fast Heart" Martin Stamper: singing, guitar, harmonica

Murdock O'Mooney: singing, drums

Gabe Bass: singing, electric bass and upright bass

Mike "Hell" Whitten: recording, mixing and mastering

Roblyn Crawford: mixing

Cover art by Roblyn Crawford

All songs written by "Fast Heart" Martin Stamper.


all rights reserved



Fast Heart Mart


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Track Name: Tomato Plant [MTV]
what an asshole
I've become
in my very own
hippie beaded doorway
it's a tangled mess
now I can't get in
please let me in

look at this car
that I drive
compact Japanese
blue collar success
wouldn't that be glad
give me gasoline
give me more gasoline

winter's coming on and there's nothing I can do
to save my breezy bones
from freezing through
I gotta move away

I'm so glad
we watered
our tomato plants
this summer
in the dessert
now we have two tomatoes
Track Name: Stool Pigeon
my life was so boring when I was married
looking in my closet for my clothes hanging
I was so full of woe and sorrow

drove my car to walmart on my shitty days
chrome plated shop cart material craving
I had to go to the store, then come home
unload all the plastic bags
throw out the cardboard boxes
protect all my belongings

told my wife I's leaving as I deeply sighed
going on a mission to the other side
I had to go
to be the ever wanderer
to be the ever slumberer
Track Name: Bears Hibernate
fall leaves so 70's
they're hangin' 'round in nuclear
Cosbies and Bradys
are coming down
onto the ground

I'll hibernate
in hollow caves
the fireplaces
make wicked faces

I'll just migrate
with flocks of geese
the airborne hobos
won't cast no shadows
I'm movin' on
Track Name: Mr Rogers Died Today
everyday a man invites
me into his living room
singing songs about
the neighborhood
where life is good
and understood

sweaters and shoes
are changed
talking only occurs
behind Mr Roger's
chomping smile
in a pile

oh shit
you know it
these lips won't
admit it

organized like a rubber maid
anal and retentive
like some father mom
could be so calm
Track Name: I'm an Alien and I want to go Home [Pt. 1]
Mother Nature with her baggy feet
lives in the tree at the end of my street
looking in my fridge for food to eat
pickle juice, chocolate mouse

She says She's tired of the human race
She says She's tired of feeding their face
She's the landlord, get out of her place
we're evicted and ousted

their guns, their knives
their leaders, their lives

we were living like snakes on linoleum
living like fakes in a wax museum
we've got monkey brains in our craniums
drinkin' things and eaten' wings
Track Name: Lightning Bug [MTV]
my car's empty light
it shines all of the time
a fire fly fell in love
because she thought it was
a lightning bug

I was out of gas
you'll never guess
what happened next

I explained to the poor insect
that she was in love with a bible and a cord
it was nothing more
than a gas gauge on my dash board

she told me to turn on the radio
she called up her friends
for an all night disco
an in the morning
they sacrificed
their fluorescent abdomens
for combustion in my engine
to get me to town

the point is
she fell in love with an image
Track Name: Stripper Song [MTV]
I met a stripper
she knows desire
very in tune with
all the things being denied
in our society
of the socially unkind

my heart is broken
I will never love again
I will not cook breakfast
for my next victim

we talk about it
late into the night
everyone's asleep
as she smokes and I drink

my heart is broken
I will never love again
I will not cook breakfast
for my next victim
Track Name: Vacuum Sux
brain material is screaming'
at the things without meaning
my vacuum sucks, my fan is cool
my tv's bright and illogical

it doesn't matter now

my t shirt, is itching'
it was manufactured by Chinese children

it doesn't matter now

the heat rises the cold sinks
get in the bath 'cause this world stinks
Track Name: The Movie Theater [MTV]
my life is so boring
compared to

I get excited
when I'm snoring
and my
life's all good

take me
to a movie
where I can stay
with a popcorn
and a soda
and my

I don't even care
I don't know
I'm not even scared
wherever I go

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