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Lost Soul Search EP

by Fast Heart Mart



Most of these songs were recorded in my 1982 Volkswagen Van. I was staying in my friend's driveway in San Diego, CA for the winter of 2012. It's a time of reevaluating dreams and making new ones. I admit sometimes I am a lost soul. I am searching and finding some answers.


released March 23, 2012

All songs written, recorded and played by "Fast Heart" Martin Stamper. Thank you to : The Infinite, Ross Brock, Justin Werner, Sujantra, Mom and Dad, my family, ALL my friends , and anyone who has spoke an encouraging word about my music, smiled or put a tip in my case.


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Track Name: Lost Soul Search
Virginia to North Carolina
Tennessee Arkansas Oklahoma
Texas New Mexico Arizona
I drove my van all the way to California

I am A lost soul on this long road
Life's a mystery and I'm on a journey
I am hardly known and sometimes I'm lonely
But the universe is providing

It will make sense eventually

All this rambling and all this searching
Will lead me to a place of understanding
When peace I find, it will be all mine
But for now I gotta keep walking
Track Name: Haunting
My thoughts are haunting me again
They woke me up this mornin'
I did not want to leave my bed
My thoughts are haunting me again
Like demons they are possessing
I wish they'd let me be

My heart can hardly catch a breath
My life seems like such a mess
since I left you My Princess
My heart can hardly catch a breath
One foot out and one foot in
I need resolution

Grandfather took to drinking
His thoughts must have been haunting
He must have been suffering
So Grandfather took to drinking
And now the whole family
Is still recovering

A Great Force made everything
and I still have my faith
Her Universe is providing
and I still have my faith
Track Name: Occupy
Some of us sink
Some of us float
Some of us fit
And some of us don't

If you are alone and hearing this song
I want you to know that you belong
You are not stupid you are not wrong)
Believe in yourself because this is your home

Don't believe the conspiracy
There's more to life than making money
Clear your mind and gather your thoughts
Take your time and live happy
The universe is on your side when you are yourself and not afraid to die

Someone has perpetuated these lies
The world was corrupt before I arrived
We are not doing anything wrong, to live simply and and get along
Corporate power and greedy money is not worth more than our precious lives
Track Name: Vagabond
I'll settle down when the right girl comes along
but until then I'll be a vagabond
Spreading magic and singing my songs
The sun wakes me up at the break of dawn

At the dawn

It's hard not having someone
to hold me tight When I sleep at night
Otherwise I live a pretty good life
protecting my heart and surrounded by light

By the light

I don't want to live here for too long
too much traffic and people are annoyed
Suburban life feels so wrong
on the weekends I stare at the void

At the Void

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