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An Orange Album

by Fast Heart Mart



This album was recorded in Albuquerque New Mexico in 2005 and 2006. It's the second experiment at seeing how stripped down a rock band can get. In comparison to the "Red Record" before this, "An Orange Album" is even more stripped down in that there is no bass guitar on this album at all! Just the two voices of "Fast Heart" Martin Stamper and Roblyn Crawford accompanied by an acoustic guitar, snare drum, hi-hat, and a tiny splash cymbal. Why strip down so much? For playing on the street. Imagine if the "Violent Femmes" had no bass player and Gordon Gano played harmonica and taught his Pippy Longstocking how to play the drums.

[AOAV] = An Orange Album Version. This song appears in other forms and versions on other Fast Heart Mart albums.


released April 20, 2006

"Fast Heart" Martin Stamper: singing, acoustic guitar

Roblyn Crawford: singing, snare drum, hi-hat, tiny splash cymbal

Album Art by Laila Cola Weeks , colored by Rachel Kempf

All songs written, recorded and produced by "Fast Heart" Martin Stamper


all rights reserved



Fast Heart Mart


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Track Name: Trustafarian [AOAV]
come on everybody listen to my story
about this society and working for a living
working for the company the boss made me angry
and then finally I told it
to shove it
I said "goodbye" to my colleagues
and then they wished me
on my way
out in the parking there were hippies
looking to jump start their volkswagen
hippie vans
I said "that's fine under one condition
you let me tag along in your travels"

after a week of riding through the country wild and care free
I wondered
about income so I asked someone where we got our food from
and our clothes and food and money
the answered
"our dad's trust fun"
those these hippies were independently rich and wealthy
I was not
I rode home
back in the city my stomach was empty
without a degree from the university
lookin' for more

sittin' in the dug out with the other players
then it came
to my brain
if you can't be the you gotta join them
if you can't join them
make your own
grow your own
Track Name: Hate Job
I went to my stupid job today
I hated it so much but I went anyway
I hate my job

I have to go again tomorrow
I have to go for the rest of my life
work until I die

It's just me and the pretirees
out on the bike trail today
35 years
we're not gonna work for 35 years!
Track Name: Reinvent
drum sticks
guitar chords
cover my floor

this song symbolizes my first attempt
to reinvent
my head has been
out of phase

honey suckle
bees that bumble
in the air

hobo trestle
lack of muscle
I don't care
wear your beach wear
in the snow

the cultured music
un simple music
is now old

same song
that I go

run to the store
to buy more
I know
Track Name: Acid Reflux (in the Redwoods)
driving through
the big trees
set up tent
where we sleep
over there
old lady
and she preached of the end
the Jesus freak
so guilty

all night long
I couldn't sleep
the acid burned
down real deep
in my lungs
as I plead
God help me
I will be
so worthy

the next day
I quit drinking
and my whiskey
as we drove by the sea
stopped at "Denny's"
for to eat
the waitress she
was ditsy
Track Name: God Dog
good morning 300 take your times
sit on the floor and pet your dog
watch the cartoons and listen to your mom
plan out here day

go through some old mail
as you wait for God to assign you your task
the project is probably not what you think
it's a project into the future
so let go of yesterday
let's go to the big buffet

the most beautiful words
are what do you want to do today
it can be anything just remember to live
I'm here on the sidewalk
walking my dog I'm listening to God
walking with God and listening to my dog
Track Name: Relative Happiness
I'm not getting' out of bed today
I'm going to eat donuts
until I'm so grossly overweight
I need to diet
everyday I'm skinny
I will be happy

I'm going to sell all my stuff
to buy some heroine
consumed by the junk
I'll seek counseling
everyday I'm sober
I will be happy

relative happiness

I'll go commit murder
kill someone who's evil
spend time in a federal prisoner
then get out on parole
everyday I'm free
I will be happy
Track Name: I Don't Care
I don't care what you think
I don't care what you say
I'm gonna build my mountain
I'm gonna build my city

gonna build it deep in the heart of the sea

if it's yellow let it mellow
but it smells like piss in here
Track Name: Anthill
people were cannibals a long time ago
before shopping malls and atomic bombs
throwing stones at the skulls of the kings and queens
ripping them from their thrones
eating their flesh and bones

now we know that is wrong so we eat the animals
drive our car, sing a song, then go home play ping pong
little girls play with dolls, little boys shoot their guns
teenager drink alcohol gang bangers neanderthals

the anthill is smoking
just sand no trees
a wasteland of nothing
Track Name: Ode to the Hovel
like a queen bee who has never stung
I got lazy so I quit my job
royal jelly dripping' from my tongue
I went to sleep woke up a slob

now I sleep in a little bitty shack
I call it a hovel
black widow spiders slipping' in the cracks
my pillow is a shovel
(sleep through this)

roadrunner with a lizard in its beak
runs across the desert sand
spiraled eyed cuckoo freak
tail feathers like a Chinese fan
(feel the breeze)

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