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Heart and Soul

by Fast Heart Mart



This is my official first album. I had released some cassette tapes before this, but they were just given to friends and very few fans. It was a fun time making this record. I was playing at "The Blue Dragon" Cafe in Albuquerque, NM a lot and really wanted to put out an album. This is it. I even was able to get Norm Everett to play bass and sing on this record! I really cherish the vibe of this record and appreciate Kieth Werblow's patience and insight.


released March 7, 2000

All songs written by "Fast Heart" Martin Stamper.

Recorded by Keith Werblow in Albuquerque , New Mexico

"Fast Heart" Martin Stamper: sing, guitar, banjo, squeaky toys
Keith Werblow: drums
Norm Everette "Evernorm": sing, bass guitar
Arun Ahuja: tablas
April Barraro: backing vocals on "New Mexico"
Jaime Faux: backing vocals on "New Mexico"
Al Parker: French horn on "Otherside"


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Track Name: Atom's Momb
maybe I'll feel better
when I'm someone else's mother
was the atom named after Adam?
'cause Adam's mom dates atom bombs
and Adam's apple I can't tell one from the other
and Eve
got the do-ri-me

Adolescents can barley
by 18, let the force hit the feather
and then all the ages can see eye to eye
I swear, the hardest time in life

early adulthood
early Adultness
I had a vision that hell is a stomach ache
I saw a guy riding a bike with a gas tank
there was wisps of doom , days of gloom
Is there room on my tomb?
Track Name: Karate Song #3
I was walkin' down the street, walkin' down the street
walkin' down the street my girl and me
then what'ya know what'ya
A man says give me your money
I say heck no, heck no
and we tried to run but he grabbed me

I said you might bother others, but you won't bother me
I'm like Mr. Miyagi
I know Karate

I turned off my switch, I turned off my switch
I turned off my switch and that was it
My hands started movin', My hands started movin'
My hands started movin' in Karate chops
I got him on the throat, I got him on the throat
I got him on the throat, the sucka' began to choke

But that's not it, that's not it
He had back up in the corner
there were guys here, there were guys there
there were guys standing everywhere
I called to my girl, I called to my girl
I called to my girl to call the police
She said "there's no time, no time for that
besides I am the Kung Fu Cat"

We said "You might bother others, but you won't bother us. We know Karate and we're 'bout to make a bust".
Track Name: God Dog [H&S version]
good Morning 300 take your times
sit on the floor and pet your dog
watch the cartoons and listen to your mom
plan out her day

go through some old mail
as you wait for God to assign you a task
because these projects are probably not what you think
they're a project into the future
so let go of yesterday
let's go get stuffed at a big buffet

the most beautiful words are
"what do you want to do today"
it can be anything just remember to live it out
I'm here on the sidewalk
walking my dog and listening for God
walking with God and listening to my dog
Track Name: Brocken Neck Guitar
last night I dreamed
I broke the neck on my guitar
it was paralyzed laying on the floor
I cried and cried when My guitar died

Then last night
singing with the three Amigos
we went Accapella
we were singing together
at the open mic night
let me tell you
We were so out of sight
and We didn't even have stage fright
We went happy away

until just today a man says "hey,hey, hey that was so funny
was it some kind of gag"?
I said "not really, just something to remember me by. Goodbye.
Get out of my face"

cause you wouldn't know good art
if it kicked you in my mind
it kicked you in your ass
and said you have no class
but I don't believe in class
it is so medieval
I can see you there
You'll be playing for the king
and the joys it will bring
when He tells you what to sing

It's like Alice in Wonderland
there's no consistency and
no one knows what will please the king
and he's pointing his finger at me
when he lets out a scream

he says
"off with his head. I want him dead
he's too different from what I said
I need some major chords
I need some harmonies
please sing like and angel
sing like the radio"

Last thing I said
when the king cut off my head

usually when the head is separated from the body
everything goes dead
but not my head
My head said

"let me just talk to you
no, no, let me just sing a song
on my uncomposed nervous system
because my head might be gone
but I still got emotion
because without eotion what have you got?
a robot"

cause you wouldn't know good art
if it kicked you in my mind
it kicked you in your ass
and said you have no class
but I don't believe in class
Track Name: Into the Trees
everything is fine
everything is good
living in the woods
living in the woods

If you want to be with me
We'll go on a walk into the trees
with the parrots flying all around
I think I really like the sound They make
when They say "hello"
I like the sound that the parrots make
when They say "hello"
It's a fantasy I know
to drop everything
live in the rainforest
with the parrots
in the...

I think God made us
to be free
walk around
visit you
see you in your hut
you can see me in mine
Track Name: New Mexico
on the planet Earth
where I live
there's a spot down here
that the locals know
called New Mexico

and the sky is brave
It comes on down
it wraps around my
i gotta hold on
or I'll fall

I'l fall off this world
traveling through space
and time
but without my girl
I've got to hold on
here in New Mexico

I'm somewhat serious
about all of this
the space aliens
and other space creatures
they all know about
the hole
where people go
when they fall
off this world

got the Sandias
know what that means
Espanol for the pink and green
mountains here
I reach my hand up
touch Mars
He's my handrail
I gotta hold on
Track Name: Sailing
sailing on the Ocean
I think the sun was shining
and everything was fine
fine as wine time to shine
until the storm came on
raining raining raining
waves as big as a mountain
rocking, rocking, rocking
I thought all was lost
lost and crossed
Track Name: Otherside
on the otherside
on the otherside of the fence
you know the fence I mean
fence of eternity
where will my friends
having a party
with the BIG ENTITY
the Big Guy in the Sky
I'm treating everyone
like they're the only
ones on this world
I'm treating every friend like
they're the only friend I've got

I think I hear my friend
Buzz Lightyear now
I think I hear him say
"there's no such thing as time
it's one big ball of wax
we call eternity
one big ball of wax
we call infinity
so don't give me black balloons
when I turn 40
just charge up my molecules
and hold onto my body
Eternity Infinity.....
Track Name: What to Do (in Albuquerque)
what am I supposed to do
here in ALbuquerque?
I'm just a suburbanite
who probably doesn't know how to fight

I meet lots of people
I meet all kinds of people
there's this guy who eats cats
I swear to God that he eats cats
and puts his meals out of the trash and says
"that will be that"

I respect him for that
though that's not the way
I choose to live
what I really gotta know is
does he know
about my personality
and my anxiety
about every little thing
can he make me some kind of

It's popular
to go around
with unbrushed hair
to live this whole life
without a single care
because You go merrily
you go down the stream
cause this life is but
a dream
Track Name: Everyone on the Planet
I knew everyone living on the planet
I knew everyone who on this world
I knew every doctor lawyer plumber
I knew everyone living on this world

I knew every writer, poet
I knew everyone living on this world

We decided to get together
We rented a space once known as Texas
conglomerated there
having so much fun
I guess that's why we didn't notice
the whole planet started spinning
off it's access
away from the sun
we couldn't even see
when we banged into

banged into destiny
looked us in the eyes
said that he loved us
loved us and hugged us

said "You've figured it out
the secret to this life
the secret was not even Einstein
could think to turn the world into a space ship
couldn't even see
when You banged into destiny

said "You've figured it out
the secret to this life
the secret was to unite

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