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The Red Record

by Fast Heart Mart



This is the first album to start the "Rainbow Series" Of Fast Heart Mart albums. Starting with red and hopefully, eventually going all the way to violet and beyond.

The Red Record is a stripped down, acoustic band called "The Sidewalkers". Robyln Crawford on snare drum, hi hat and splash, and Pete Gallo on acoustic bass guitar. Think "Violent Femmes" meets Bob Dylan on this one. We did tons of busking in this configuration.


released August 8, 2004

"Fast Heart" Martin Stamper: singing, acoustic guitars, harmonica

Roblyn Crawford: singing, snare drum, hi-hat, splash cymbal

Pete Gallo: Tacoma acoustic bass guitar

Album Art By Robyln Crawford

All songs written, performed and recorded by "Fast Heart" Martin Stamper.


all rights reserved



Fast Heart Mart


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Track Name: Rich Man
I'm a richman
I'm living on the hill
and I'm looking
at the city below
street lights
where the poor man sleeps

I'm thinking
about my money
and wondering
how much do I really
need to
last me
until I die (because even rich people die)

my savings
sitting in my bank
is nearly
enough for seven
of comfort and ease

if I will all
of my fortune
to my children
it will only create
who don't appreciate

I'll go to my bank
and give all
of my money to the
in the slums
Track Name: Limbo [RRV]
put me on an island with nothing to do
with a pretty woman and my dog too
no cops, no laws
no work, no jobs
no one is gonna drive me crazy

put me on a river inside a canoe
going down the water inside a water shoot
going forever
down a river
sky lines
of azure

some are going to Heaven
some are going to hell
most are going to limbo
it's really hard to tell
going forever
to that place of wonder
sky lines of azure

put me on an island with nothing to do
with a pretty woman and my dog too
no cops, no laws
no work, no jobs
no one is gonna drive me crazy
Track Name: Stripper Song [RRV]
I met a stripper
she knows desire
very in tune with
all the things being denied
in our society
of the socially unkind

my heart is broken
I will never love again
I will not cook breakfast
for my next victim

we talk about it
late into the night
everyone's asleep
as she smokes and I drink

my heart is broken
I will never love again
I will not cook breakfast
for my next victim
Track Name: White Man Stole This Land
driving down a long highway
in New Mexico
reservations all around me
how is it so
the white man stole this land
from the indians
to form a democracy

though my driving arm is burning
I have a farmer's tan
shirtless, my skin is reflecting
like grass under a stone
these motorhomes are giant
they're like a ship
on this road
drivers are old and retired

rest stopped under a shade tree
a bird is singing
though I wish that I could fly
he is dreaming
that his arms were not tied
behind his back in the form of wings
he wants to walk for the rest of his days
Track Name: Lightning Bug [RRV]
my car's empty light
it shines all of the time
a fire fly fell in love
because she thought it was
a lightning bug

I was out of gas
you'll never guess
what happened next

I explained to the poor insect
that she was in love with a bible and a cord
it was nothing more
than a gas gauge on my dash board

she told me to turn on the radio
she called up her friends
for an all night disco
an in the morning
they sacrificed
their fluorescent abdomens
for combustion in my engine
to get me to town

the point is
she fell in love with an image
Track Name: Crucified For Driving an S.U.V.
daily I perform evil deeds
when I wake from my heinous sleep
cross the floor for a morning pee
I don't look but the mirror sees

drive my car and burn gasoline
in traffic jams and city streets
go shopping and give my money
to corporate vampires and their greed

still I feel so ugly
washed without looking
teeth and hair deodorant
found the door and out I went

ferocious beasts eat small monsters
prey upon tiny wimp creatures
snakes sharks bears and small monsters
all go out to eat hamburgers

plastic bags are blowing
from the fast food chains
packaging colors are bright
open it up there is nothing inside
Track Name: Barbie Doll God
not that I am a Christian
but I could be a dandelion
just a weed in the garden of Great Power

I am not a Barbie doll
in some kid's show and tell
there's no fish hooks in my bowels
for the laughter
Track Name: The Movie Theatre [RRV]
my life is so boring
compared to

I get excited
when I'm snoring
and my
life's all good

take me
to a movie
where I can stay
with a popcorn
and a soda
and my

I don't even care
I don't know
I'm not even scared
wherever I go

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