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I fell in Love then I fell Apart

by Fast Heart Mart



This album is probably Fast Heart Mart's only album that is completely about love and heartbreak. It's kind of a sad record, but hey you gotta get in touch with those sad feelings if you're ever gonna get through that heart break right?


released August 26, 2013

All songs written, played, recorded and mixed by "Fast Heart" Martin Stamper, except:

River Nason: synth on "I fell in Love and I fell Apart"; additional mixing and mastering

Joe Vex: drums on "I don't want to leave You", "I fell in Love then I fell Apart", and "My Big Pretty Blue"

Sam Stamper: piano and organ on "I fell in Love and I fell Apart"

Album cover art: Sara Marks
back cover photo: Jim WIlliams

Thank you to : The Infinite One, Mom and Dad, my family, ALL my friends, Karen Jonas, Lance Houghton, Cobb Ervin, Joe Vex, Sam Stamper, Sara Marks, Jim Williams, Robyn Wagoner, Ross Brock, Justin Werner, Sujantra, Mitch, and anyone who has spoke an encouraging word about my music, smiled or put a tip in my case.

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Track Name: Trail of Dead
Please understand
I'd love to be your man
but I've questions
that need answerin'

there's a trail of dead
behind you
will that be me
when you are through

I've been broken hearted
in my life
it's time I play my cards right
while there's still time
gotta play my cards right

you have wisdom in your strength
covered by beauty
when you're around
it's irresistible to me

But I have to make sure
before I make this deal
I have to be certain
that all of this is real


because I want a love
for eternity
I want a fortress
for well being

lovers or friends
let's take our time
there's no turning back
once we've crossed that line

Track Name: I don't want to leave You here
I don't want to leave you here
But I know I have to
Things aren't working out my dear
I hope you know I still love you

Even if you dont want me anymore I want you to be happy. I will take this love and set it free and go and live my dreams

Yes, you'll be a tough act to follow
A talented artist, wonderful mother
The way you look in a sundress darling will be in my dreams forever and ever
I never knew such a woman could existed
I'm a God fearing man but I couldn't resist you

I hope I've helped you on your path and that I've brought you more joy than pain. I'm proud to have shared time with you I wish you the best future. You taught me a lot and I thank you for that you woke me from my slumber

I'll miss you a ton and this all hurts so much maybe we can try again sometime. But for now I'm moving on with the next chapter in my life.
Track Name: I fell in Love then I fell Apart
Even if I never get to be with you again
I'm Grateful for the time we've had together my friend
You are the dearest love I have ever known
I love everything about you girl I'm not sure what went wrong

I fell in Love then I fell apart

I really wanted to settle down and make you my wife
I don't want to run from you, but I must get on with my life
I've asked you to take me back and give me another chance
I realize now all the mistakes I've made and the circumstance

A wise man says I should stay in your town and risk it all
When you need me I'll be there for you to catch you if you fall
He says otherwise I'm running from the fears that I must face
if I don't I'll be doomed to repeat them again someday

you make no commitments to me to make me feel alright
If I saw you with another man then I would surely die
So I feel I must pack my things and drive away
To a place I can call home and be happy again someday

I think the wise man's wrong I have learned from my mistakes
I've learned how to handle love now when it returns someday
I know I will loose myself in the beginning
I must let go of all the fear and run on trust and faith
Track Name: Shaky Hands
I'm writing this song to you
I hope it's not too late to do
because I love You
I miss You

I know I've been confusing
I needed time to change my mind
about my plans
of heading West

Now that you're gone
I know I was wrong
You've been nothing
but kind to me
in your city
I could be happy

The sun was dark in Virginia
I lost confidence this winter
I lost my will
to carry on

That lead to the depression
I feared I'd lose from the shape I was in
You wouldn't want a man
with shaky hands

Now that you're gone
I know I was wrong
You've been nothing
but kind to me
in your city
I could be happy

I can't ask you to take me back
I know you are too strong for that
but maybe sometime
again you'll be mine

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