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Hobos in Limbo

by Fast Heart Mart



The second official Fast Heart Mart album. This was recorded in Albuquerque New Mexico in the spring of 2002. I paid the "record label" a pretty good chunk of money to make this record and somehow that money was reportedly embezzled for drugs and never seen by the studio musicians or producer. Well, that's rock and roll for you!

I feel like the performances and the songs are pretty good. Even the tones and the mixing are pretty good. However, I think it's the mastering that makes the sound quality of this record very lo-fi and unbearable at times . Please BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! I am not responsible for any blown speakers, broken glass or imploded ear drums caused by listening to this record.

My favorite track on here is "Remote Controller".

[HILV] = Hobos in Limbo Version. This track has been released in various incarnations and versions elsewhere on other albums etc..


released May 30, 2002

"Fast Heart" Martin: singing, all acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica, keyboard on "Stardust", bass on "Stardust"

Heath Dauberman: drums

Chris Kitchen: bass

Arun Ahuja : tablas on "Stardust"

All songs recorded at "The Red Door" in Albuquerque, NM by Jeffrey Richards, except "Stardust" which was recorded by "Fast Heart" Martin at his house.

All songs written by "Fast Heart" Martin Stamper except "Shady Soul" and "The Cuckoo" which are public domain.


all rights reserved



Fast Heart Mart


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Track Name: Jawbreaker Sky [HILV]
at night the moon
cools down the road
the model t ford
sucks on the glow

in jet black nights
jawbreaker sky
southwestern light
cactus moon pie

desert dwellers
escape the sun
changing colors
on the horizon

I'll be alright
just saying goodbye
Track Name: Limbo [HILV]
put me on an island with nothing to do
with a pretty woman and my dog too

no cops, no laws
no work, no jobs
no one's gonna drive me crazy

put me on a river inside a canoe
goin' down the water inside a water chute

goin' forever
to that place of wonder
Skylines of azure

some are going to heaven and some are going to hell
most are going to limbo, but it's really hard to tell

goin' forever
to that place of wonder
Skylines of azure

put me on an island with nothing to do
with a pretty woman and my dog too

no cops, no laws
no work, no jobs
no one's gonna drive me crazy
Track Name: Karate Song #3 [HILV]
I was walkin' down the street, walkin' down the street
walkin' down the street my girl and me
then what'ya know what'ya
A man says give me your money
I say heck no, heck no
and we tried to run but he grabbed me

I said you might bother others, but you won't bother me
I'm like Mr. Miyagi
I know Karate

I turned off my switch, I turned off my switch
I turned off my switch and that was it
My hands started movin', My hands started movin'
My hands started movin' in Karate chops
I got him on the throat, I got him on the throat
I got him on the throat, the sucka' began to choke

But that's not it, that's not it
He had back up in the corner
there were guys here, there were guys there
there were guys standing everywhere
I called to my girl, I called to my girl
I called to my girl to call the police
She said "there's no time, no time for that
besides I am the Kung Fu Cat"

We said "You might bother others, but you won't bother us. We know Karate and we're 'bout to make a bust".
Track Name: Remote Controller
yesterday morn
I think I was born
I got my paycheck
on my payday
I said 'what the heck
I should run away"

yesterday morn
when I was born
the planet was a wreck
on the highway
I was just a speck
in the galaxy

getting' lost is easy
when you are a tv remote controller

I'm always getting' left back
in the cushion crack
of my sofa

yesterday morn
when I was born
I got my paycheck
on my payday
I said 'what the heck"
and then I ran away
Track Name: Trustafarian [HILV]
come on everybody listen to my story
about this society and working for a living
working for the company the boss made me angry
and then finally I told it
to shove it
I said "goodbye" to my colleagues
and then they wished me
on my way
out in the parking there were hippies
looking to jump start their volkswagen
hippie vans
I said "that's fine under one condition
you let me tag along in your travels"

after a week of riding through the country wild and care free
I wondered
about income so I asked someone where we got our food from
and our clothes and food and money
the answered
"our dad's trust fun"
those these hippies were independently rich and wealthy
I was not
I rode home
back in the city my stomach was empty
without a degree from the university
lookin' for more

sittin' in the dug out with the other players
then it came
to my brain
if you can't be the you gotta join them
if you can't join them
make your own
grow your own
Track Name: The Cuckoo
well the Cuckoo
She's a pretty bird
she never
hollers cuckoo
until the fourth day of july

gonna build me
a log cabin
on the mountain so high
so I can see willy
as he goes passing by

I've played cards in old England
I've played cards in Spain
I'll bet you
my last $10
that I'll beat you this next game

jack of diamonds
jack of diamonds
I've known you
from old

you've robbed my
poor pockets
of silver
and gold
Track Name: Monopoly
this Universe is a monopoly
just like the people at the party
there are other places we'd rather be

but there's nowhere
so we'll stay
at home

God is running a monopoly
just like the people at the party
there are other things we'd rather believe

but our existence is in your hands
and for that
we thank You

death is running a monopoly
just like the people at the party
there are other lives we'd rather lead

you're putting us through
things we do not remember
agreeing to
Track Name: A-Z [HILV]
there are things in this life that don't make sense to me like
why is a "w" not just called double v
but oh no, seriously
we've got everything
why can't we just be
happy eternally

I see a man today
he's at the walmart buying plants
I can tell by the way he stands
and the robes that he wears
that he's of the Buddhist nature
I want to ask him
"hey man, what do you know about Zen?"
but before I can ask
he's off to the Monastery in a cadillac

then I see another man
he asks "do you know Jesus Christ"
I say
'no, but I'd like to try"
he says "that's good he's the only way"
and I say "ok, Let me get Baptized today
we can do it in the Rio Grande
you can give me as much love as you can"

now I'm talking
to a
about a
and Yoda
the little green Buddha

oh no seriously
we all need to go tell the Deities
we're all down here suffering
Track Name: Stardust
it's in my eyes
where the people sleep
and slumber down
Central street

it's in my mind
almost all the time
never it stops
I think it sleep walks

it's in my chest
I need another heart
so mine can rest
on the coal miner's breath

it's in my soul
never let me go

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