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I'm An Alien and I Want to go Home

from by Fast Heart Mart



I was living in the garden of Eden
eating fruit right off the trees
harmony on my mind
Living a life of ease
God spoke to everyone
over an intercom
The speakers were in the clouds
and we all lived in a wigwam
We could speak back to him
through a microphone
that was hanging from the ceiling
from a wishbone

One Morning God spoke to us
and made a forecast
"You are all getting too fat
so now you must fast"
Breakfast was skipped
and no one really cared
It was not until supper
that people started getting scared
Stomachs were rumbling
louder than the clouds
we had never missed a meal before
and we thought we might pass out

I sat down on a couch
and started watching the tv
There was some guy on the news digging in the dirt plating pinto beans
He called himself a farmer and he was taking control
Of this situation and he went back to digging his holes

I looked over at my friend
who sat in a recliner
and noticed he was eating
when I asked him what
he said " tv dinner"
Maybe he had forgotten
so I reminded him
"God said not to eat
until further instructions"
"We dont need God anymore
you simple little man
Now the farmer sells us food
from his Taco Stand"

So I walked down the street
toward the smell of the tacos
I went up to the counter
and ordered 5 bean burritos
tHe kid asked "for here or to go?"
I said that I would stay
he pushed some buttons on the register
and said that'll be $6.50
I had never heard of money before
so I asked him for his boss
he looked at me kind of crazy
and told me to go get lost

I was feeling very weak by now
so I went to that microphone
I wanted to talk to God
and ask if the fast could be postponed
When I spoke I could only hear a faint reply
There was too much noise outside
From the people rushing to work and
from all the cars passing by
So I ran down the street
to find a fruit tree
lots of green grass
but not a single thing to eat

I sat down on a sidewalk
with a bottle of liquor
People threw some coins at me
but I had no idea what they were
So I got a job mopping floors
that lasted for a day
But I had no watch, so I was late
and fired without pay
So that night I slept in a park
underneath the stars
When a flying saucer came down
from the planet Mars
"Hop in buddy, we've been looking for you",
the creature said to me
And just like that at the speed of light
we went to another galaxy


from Keep on the Sunny Side, released September 20, 2019


all rights reserved



Fast Heart Mart


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